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Kenya Joining Safaris
.3 Days Masai mara 360US$

.4 Days Mara/Nakuru -450US$

.Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing -Daily
Nairobi Daily Tours
..Half Day Tour - 70US$

..Nairobi Park Tour -125US$

..Lake Nakuru Trip- 230US$
Nairobi Shuttle Transfers
Nairobi airport Transfer-20US$

..Nairobi Arusha Shuttle -25US$

.Nairobi Kenya Moshi-30US$
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Tanzania budget/Luxury Safaris
Kenya Tanzania combined

 Kenya Budget Safari Deals

    2 days Masai mara Camping

    2 Day Aberdares Safari Treetops

    3 Days Masaimara camp Tour

    4 days Masaimara+Lake Nakuru

   5 Days Tsavo West/Amboseli

   3 Days Maasai Mara - US$726
   4 Days Maasai Nakuru - US$1380
   5 Days Sweetwaters-US$1420
   7 Days Samburu /Mara $2460
   7 Days Amboseli / Mara -$2515
    10 Days Kenya Best -$3280

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    Zanzibar Beach Holiday Safaris 

    Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris 

    Tanzania Wildlife Safaris 

    African Budget Travel packages 

    Special African Vacations

    Africa safari Holiday packages

    Kenya and Tanzania Combined

    Kenya and Tanzania Combined

  Affordable African Tours

    Zanzibar Beach Holiday Safaris 
    Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris 
    Tanzania Wildlife Safaris 
    African Budget Travel packages 
    3,4,5 6 days Kenya safaris
    7,8,9,10 days Safari Kenya
    Nairobi Mombasa-Nairobi Train
    Mombasa Short Excursions 
    Mt Kenya Trekking & Climbing
    Mt Kilimanjaro Climb routes
    Mt Kenya Combined Kilimanjaro 
    Budget Camping Safaris Kenya
Budget Camping Safaris Kenya
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Adventure Camping Safari Kenya .Camping in campsites, where you have semi permanent tents,pitching tents in Kenya camps in National parks of masai mara,samburu,Nakuru ,baringo and bogoria parks

Our camping safaris are specially designed for those yearning to realize a real lifetime adventure and budget travelers, those who wish to get close to nature. Accommodation is on semi permanent campsites or pitched tents. Our camping safaris cover Kenya's national parks and reserves with tremendous variety of birds and animals. The main attraction and the more popular parks such as Maasai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli Camping Safari, Samburu Adventure Safari, Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara Budget Camping Safari, Tsavo East/Tsavo West Adventure Camping Safari, Lake Turkana Expeditions Camping Tours, Wildlife Migration Safari Masai Mara, Great rift Valley Lakes Camping Safaris, Lake Bogoria Camping Safari, Lake Baringo Camping Safaris among others are covered in our itineraries. below:-

. - kenya camping safaris : 3 Days Masai  Mara

. - kenya camping safaris 2: 3 Days Amboseli National Park

. - kenya camping safaris 3: 3 Days Samburu National Reserve 

. - kenya camping safaris 4: 4 Days Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara

. - kenya camping safaris 5; 4 Days Masai Mara 

. - kenya camping safaris 6; 5 Days Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara 

. - kenya camping safaris 7; 6 Days Lake Baringo/Bogoria/Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara

. - kenya camping safaris 8; 6 Days Amboseli/Nakuru/Masai Masai Mara 

. - kenya camping safaris 9; 6 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West/Tsavo East / Mombasa 

. - 010: 7 Days Samburu/Nakuru/Mara

. - 011: 7 Days Samburu/Baringo/Bogoria/Nakuru/Mara

. - 012; 8 Days Samburu/Marsabit/Chalbi/Turkana/Mararal 

. - 013; 8 Days Tsavo West/Amboseli/Nakuru/Masai Mara 

. - 014; 11 Days Amboseli/Sweetwaters/Samburu/Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara 

. - 015; 14 Days Kenya Wildlife Trails Adventure Camping Safari 

BooK a Nairobi airport transfer to your hotel for only 20US$ 1-3 pax.Advise flight details,and hotel name Email:info@africanarksafaris.com3 days masai mara Joining safari for 390US$ per day.Safari masai mara departs daily joining with othersEmail:info@africanarksafaris.comNairobi budget hotel,hostels and mid priced accomodation.Make an online booking reservation for all your holiday,transit in nairobi kenya


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